Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The preface...

I like to cook and I know I'm quite good in doing this thing…:)
This blog contains recipes of my favorite food which I would like to share with everyone. Just to let you know, it is NOT easy for me to write down a recipe because I don't normally follow exact measurement when I cook. I just use my instinct and have great belief in my taste-buds. But I can't just say "a little bit of this, a little bit of that, or whatever you think it's enough" to explain a recipe for you. So, I take some measurements from my recipe books to help me to explain a recipe better so that you can understand and use my recipe. I don't actually follow everything on the recipe book. I like to mix and match the recipes.

My little advice for you, to make your cooking more delicious, you have to cook with love and be happy. Don't be afraid when mixing the ingredients! Be creative! Use your commonsense when cooking. I like to create my own version of some recipes I get to adapt to current situation I am facing when I cook. For example, if the recipe book says one of the ingredient is blackberry jam and I don't have blackberry jam but I have strawberry jam, I will just use my strawberry jam. The most important thing when you cook is that you have to be confident of yourself and believe that you CAN cook. Some of my friends freak out a little bit when they see me putting all spices that I have in my kitchen without any hesitation but end up finishing all the food I have cooked. I believe, each person has his/her own style of cooking so I'm sure you have your own style of cooking. Be yourself! Don't copycat other people! If the food doesn't come out like the one on the recipe book you are reading to help you to cook that food, don't be disappointed! Taste it first, who knows your own food actually taste alot better than the one on the recipe book.
To me, a delicious food is when that food has a strong taste but not too much, of course. If you don't agree with me, then create your own style. It's perfectly ok to create and discover your own style of cooking.

Oh, 1 tip from me: When you use an electric mixer to mix some ingredients, please DO NOT stop abruptly! You have to switch the speed slowly from the fastest to the slowest, then only you stop/switch off the mixer.
Happy cooking, people!!

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