Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Top 5 things to eat before you die

My good friend from Lolita's kitchen, tagged me to post this subject on my blog. This is a project initiated by Melisa from The Traveler’s Lunchbox as a global food guide.

I love to eat fattening food because I think fatty food is delicious..he..he..he..
Yeah..yeah..I already have problem with my weight and I’m trying hard to cut down my intake on fatty food.

If I’m about to die and I have to mention 5 things I want to eat, I will not have to worry about the fatty food anymore, so here are the list:
  1. DURIAAAAANNNNN (The king of fruits) – taste of heaven. I want to eat the best durian in the world such as Monthong Durian from Thailand, D24 and XO24 from Malaysia, or any other types that will remind me of the taste of heaven… :-)
  2. Tiramisu cake from Café Grecco in Italian Town, San Francisco, California. This is the best tiramisu cake in the world!! Trust me! I’ve tasted almost all tiramisu cakes from all over the world and none beats café Grecco Tiramisu cake. It’s so soft and creamy, yummy and another taste of heaven… :-)
  3. Sweet satay pork. I love this sweet satay pork so much. It’s sooooo delicious, but unfortunately I can only buy it in my home country. I can not find it anywhere else in the world and not many people know how to make it. Too bad… :-(
  4. Black pepper crabs from Hai par wang restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. (See my previous post on Labuan, Malaysia).
  5. My own spiky empek-empek palembang. I am finally able to create the best empek-empek I’ve ever tasted so far. This is my own version of empek-empek palembang. I’m going to post the recipe on my blog so that you also can taste this yummy empek-empek.

As you can see, the list is full of fatty food..he..he..he..That’s me! I love fatty food.
I still have many kinds of food to be included in that list but then I will talk about my favorite food instead of 5 things to eat before I die.
If you ask me about my favorite food…oh well, the list will never end and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) will be in the list..he..he..he..

Man! I love KFC, especially the ones in Singapore. Singapore has the best KFC in the world! (I’ve tasted KFC almost everywhere in the world.) One of my friends scolded me once for taking him eating KFC from one country to another. Sorry, man! I just love KFC…he..he..he..


Anonymous said...

Durian from Thailand is the best - are you kidding me!?

And KFC?? -- what is it Indonesians have with KFC...

coffeeliqueur said...

Well, the Malaysians claim their durians are the best in the world. But to me, I just prefer Monthong Durian from Thailand because it is big, thick flesh, and hmmmm...delicious!!

winny said...

I think the KFC in UK is very moist and tasty. So far I think the worst KFC is the one I tried in Brisbane. S'pore KFC is not bad. Have you tried their Colonel burger with cheese?

coffeeliqueur said...

I can't remember the KFC taste in UK. It's been long time ago I visited UK. But I guess, if it doesn't stick in my brain, it is not too good...:)
The worst KFC I've ever tasted was in LA. The chicken is too big and too fat and it really was very tasteless. BTW, KFC in Philippines is not bad either but the spicy ones are not actually spicy.