Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Christmas Cake

I just want to share with you my Christmas cake. It's a sweet potato cake with raisin and chocolate. My son loves the raisin so much. When I took out the cake from the oven and cooled it down, my son 'curi' (= stole) almost all the raisins on the cake. I was busy preparing the chocolate for decoration in the kitchen while he was busy 'digging' out all the raisins from every part of the cake at the same time.

It supposed to have heart shape, but my husband could not stand to eat it just when it was out of the oven. He cut it and curi a piece of my cake before I had a chance to decorate, so the cake has no shape when I decorated.

When I found out what happened with my cake, I couldn't stop laughing. I was happy that my son and my hubby stole pieces of my cake. I made the cake for them. But then, I quickly took the cake to the kitchen and hid it until I finished decorating it.
Then I brought it back to the dining table where every one can enjoy it. My son clapped and jumped up and down. He was amazed because suddenly he could not find anymore raisins but instead there is a Christmas tree on top of the cake.
I asked him to try the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, to him, a Christmas tree is not supposed to be eaten, so, he didn't want to touch the cake anymore and he even refused to eat the cake.

Man!! I regretted decorating it. I thought he would love it. As for my husband, he helped me to finish the cake.
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johnorford said...

i should send you the recipe for my mom's british style christmas cake ;)

it's an acquired taste :):)